Handmade Holiday Gift Exchange

I participated in the Less Bitching, More Stitching Handmade Holiday Gift Exchange this year. Due to our travel plans and our mailperson's either thoughtfulness or annoyance (jury is still out on that one), I didn't receive my gift until yesterday.

I'd placed a hold on our mail while we were out of town for the holidays, and the mail was delivered again starting on the 26th. That day, we had about 2-3 inches of snow, plus a lot of sleet. I don't know if our mailperson didn't want to leave our packages (there were 4 for us) in that sort of weather or if she simply didn't want to be bothered dealing with our driveway in that weather. I'm hoping it was that she was being nice and simply was afraid that things would get ruined.

This meant that it was like Christmas when I came home yesterday, as there were 4 packages. One was a gift that I'd ordered for someone, and was supposed to be shipped to them, but Barnes & Noble screwed up that order, two others were Secret Santa presents from FlyerTalk Secret Santas, and the other was my present from the Handmade Holiday Gift Exchange.

Wow, is it gorgeous!!! Silly me, I forgot to bring the name of the pattern designer with me to work, but I wanted to post a photo of it. The stitching is impeccable, which really isn't reflected well in the photo.


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