Dream Dinners Review--Chicken with Honey, Garlic, and Orange

I prepared the Dream Dinners Chicken with Honey, Garlic and Orange a while ago, but for some reason, forgot to add a review of it. It was very easy to prepare, like most of the Dream Dinners meals are, and I enjoyed the taste. It was another Chinese-type meal, which is always welcomed in our house!

The sauce was a bit sticky, but that's to be expected with the honey. It was a bit difficult to get everything out of the Ziploc bag, but we did have plenty of sauce, so it wasn't a big deal.

I love how quickly most of the meals go from stove to table. Like most of the meals with rice, that took the longest amount of time to cook, and that's 20-25 minutes, once it starts to boil.

Chicken with Honey, Garlic and Orange


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