Dream Dinners Review--Monte Cristo Chicken

Last night's dinner was the Dream Dinners Monte Cristo Chicken. As it was already in a pan, and simply got baked, I knew it would be perfect for last night. I had a very important proposal due at work, and didn't know how late I'd be there, so I knew Mac could easily handle baking it!

It turned out that I was home before he was anyway, so as soon as I got home, I turned on the oven to preheat. While that was preheating, I cleaned out our fridge, since someone left one of the doors open overnight on Monday night, and therefore, most of our dairy items spoiled. Plus, we had lots of leftover leftovers, if that makes any sense! Our garbage goes on Fridays, and I typically don't get up early enough on Friday to deal with cleaning out the fridge then, so I tackled it last night. Yuck! Remains includes: a slice of pork roast, two bowls of antelope chili, a bowl of broccoli cheese soup, and a few other things. Of course, while I was cleaning out the fridge, I had to juggle the bag that was on the floor and try to keep Cobaka from doing one of her favorite things--eating people food! She failed to realize that this time, the people food was spoiled, and kept trying to eat it. Sometimes, I wonder if I have a defective dog.

To bake the Monte Cristo Chicken, you bake it covered for 40-45 minutes, then remove the lid and bake it for another 10 minutes. Once I removed the lid, I started microwaving the mashed potatoes and broccoli.

Mac was expecting something different for Monte Cristo Chicken. He was expecting something more like the Monte Cristo sandwich, batter-dipped with jelly. Instead this was a chicken breast, topped with Canadian bacon, Swiss cheese, a cream sauce, and cheddar cheese. It was enjoyable, although it didn't have a lot of taste, and there was a LOT of cream sauce. I might suggest adding a bit of flavor to this next time, although I think Mac may try adding a bit of raspberry jelly if we try it again. I might also try serving it over egg noodles or rice, rather than mashed potatoes, to try to absorb some of the cream sauce.

It was an enjoyable meal, although not one of the best I've had from Dream Dinners.

Monte Cristo Chicken


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