Dream Dinners Review--Chicken & White Bean Chili with Corn Fritters

Mac and I were at the Steelers game on Sunday, so I knew that yesterday, I wouldn't feel much like cooking. So, I pulled out the Dream Dinners Chicken and White Bean Chili with Corn Fritters, as I could toss the chili in the crock pot to cook. Once I added it to the crock pot, I knew I needed to add water, as my crock pot has a tendency to burn things if there isn't enough water in it.

When I got home from work, I removed the lid and turned it to high from warm, which is where it had defaulted, after cooking for 8 hours on low. I allowed it to cook on high for an hour or so, hoping that some of the excess water would cook off. I then started cooking the corn fritters. Mac ended up cooking most of those, as he's better at cooking them and flipping them than I am.

We added cheese to our chili, and ended up tearing the corn fritters into pieces and adding them to the chili as well. The chili had a nice taste, but the bleu cheese and onion in the corn fritters was a bit odd. It was enjoyable, but not one of the best meals I've had from Dream Dinners.

I'd have preferred cornbread to corn fritters. Ideally, a pan of cornbread, even if it was pre-baked, and we only had to heat it in the oven, would have been preferred.

Chicken & White Bean Chili with Corn Fritters

In other news, someone left one of the fridge doors open overnight. This means that the milk and yogurt that were in the fridge spoiled, as I found out when I went to add milk to Mac's coffee and when I went to eat my breakfast of yogurt. So, my homemade cookies, that were supposed to be an afternoon snack, are breakfast. I guess lunch is going to be a bit more than anticipated. At least I know I can function on cookies and coffee!


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