Taste of Dream Dinners Event Wrap Up

The Taste of Dream Dinners event was fun, and while we had an eclectic mix of people and personalities, I think it all went really well.

My guests were a coworker, a friend from Toastmasters, and a friend from the Dress for Success Professional Women's Group.

Tiffany's guests were two of her friends.

We all arrived before they were ready for us, so we stood outside talking for a while, getting to know each other and joking.

When we entered, we were each asked to complete a short questionnaire, and then we were asked to write our names on name tags. We were each asked to give our biggest dinner issue, and for those of us who attended, if Dream Dinners had solved it, and how. Our issues ranged from cooking/eating for one, to not having time or knowing what to prepare, to watching what we're eating. Yes, Dream Dinners can solve much, if not all of that.

From there, they did a demonstration of how to prepare a meal, and then turned all of us loose on preparing our meals.

Two of those attending signed up that night, for introductory sessions, and one or two were going to ponder splitting the 72 serving options with friends or family.

It was a very nice event, and they gave us samples of some of the meals to try.


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