Beef Stroganoff

Last night's dinner was a recipe I've had for years, but haven't prepared in probably a year or so. I prepared Beef Stroganoff, using elk meat. Fairly simple to prepare (brown the meat and cook the onion together, cook the egg noodles, throw together both, mix with cream of mushroom soup and sour cream). It was good, and there were enough leftovers for both of us for lunch. However, it's one of those recipes where I only prepare it occasionally, because there isn't anything special about it. I prepared it because Mac asked about cooking it at some point, but it isn't nearly as fancy as some of the Dream Dinners.

Tonight's dinner: Dream Dinners Mango Chutney Chicken. It's a repeat, so you won't see a blog about it.

In other news, I'm driving a dog from Harrisburg to York on Saturday. He's a sweetie, at least in the photos.


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