Dream Dinners Meals for the Week

With Mac home now and back to work, I'm back to cooking. We had leftovers last night, because we both were so exhausted that heating up leftovers was about as much energy as we cared to expend!

Dream Dinners for the week are:
Thursday--Chicken Yakitori
Friday--Baked Potato Chicken
Sunday--Antelope Chili, made in the crock pot

Sunday's dinner is pending Mac's approval. We're going to end up eating out on Saturday. I have a wedding, plus then I have to pick up a boxer and move her to Lebanon, then pick up a foster dog in Mechanicsburg. Bonnie is the foster dog, and she's staying with us for about a week. So, since my Saturday is crazy, I have no idea what we're going to do for food, other than I know I'm not cooking! I do know that I need to make room in the freezer by our November 3 Dream Dinners session, because right now, I barely have room! I have one 6-serving that's Tiffany's in my freezer. It ended up with my meals at our October session, and I keep forgetting that it's there!

I should also mention that I greatly appreciate Tiffany's help while Mac was out of town!!! She spent one Sunday and one weekday evening helping me to organize the kitchen and living room, from pulling out all of the food we had and rearranging it by expiration date (soonest to expire is in the front), to reorganizing the hall closet. She ended up taking a bunch of things home with her, including glassware, stuffed animals, a Styrofoam cooler, and all sorts of other things that I no longer wanted. The rest of it went to Goodwill. I dropped off 8 bags of clothes and 2 bags/boxes of miscellaneous household goods. Talk about purging things! I still need to tackle the bathroom and our bedroom, including my closet, but I made some progress just by working on the kitchen and living room!


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