Dream Dinners Review - Southwest Pork Carnita Wraps with Chipotle Maple Corn

I cooked the Dream Dinners Southwest Pork Carnita Wraps with Chipotle Maple Corn last night. Well, Mac and I cooked it. I was so exhausted that I didn't want to move after I arrived home, and I was only prodded into moving when Mac started cooking everything!

Mac started by dumping the pork into a large skillet, and as he was struggling to get everything out of the Ziploc bag, I wandered into the kitchen and took over cooking the pork while he started on the rice. I squeezed the rest of the pork into the skillet, showing him how I did that. I then started on the corn.

Once everything was cooked, I microwaved the tortillas for 20 seconds or so, and then we were ready to eat. They were slightly messy, but very enjoyable. They had a nice flavor, and I commented to Mac that while he prefers green chiles, this was nice. I don't remember if I was only supposed to have one bag of Chipotle Maple Corn or two, but I only had one. I think that, when carrying everything over to place it in a 2-gallon bag, I only took one bag of corn for each (I made 2 orders of it). Well, it's not a huge issue!

Another odd issue was that each bag of tortillas contained four tortillas. I'd think 3 or 6 would make more sense, but that's not a big issue.

I knew the pork would be good, but I was very surprised with the flavor of the corn. I was very concerned that it would taste like corn dipped in maple syrup, but I was wrong. It had a sweet taste, but not a maple syrup taste. It was very enjoyable as well! We did add the corn to our wraps, rather than serve it on the side. I'm very happy I made a second order of this, as I'm sure in the next month or two, we'll pull that out and will enjoy another helping of this.

No photos of this meal--I was too tired to attempt that!

Rather than try to pack up the leftovers to take to work, we simply dumped everything but the tortillas and cheese into one container, and mixed it all together. We'll have that for dinner tomorrow or Friday night.


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