Dream Dinners Review - French Tarragon Chicken with Redskin Potato Wedges

Wow, I'm slacking on updating this! I prepared the Dream Dinners French Tarragon Chicken with Redskin Potato Wedges last week. It was extremely enjoyable, and easy to prepare. I did need 2 cookie sheets for the potatoes, due to the quantity, but I also opted to cook all of them at once, rather than cooking what we'd need for dinner first and then cooking the others while we were eating dinner. Preparation directions involved cooking the chicken, then removing it to bring the sauce to a boil before adding the chicken back, all of this while the potatoes were baking in the oven.

Mac thought the sauce could have benefited from a bit more Dijon mustard flavor, and we found that the potatoes were even more enjoyable when we added a bit of sauce to them. I also added a bit of salt to the potatoes, as they had no seasoning when we baked them. The sauce was flavorful and was a nice consistency--thick, but not too thick.

I would definitely order this again, and would say it's in our top 25 meals.


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