Dream Dinners June Experience

I had my Dream Dinners session last week. Again, I ordered 72 servings, so I had to finesse the freezer to get everything to fit. We were out in Pittsburgh last weekend, so I couldn't even leave a few entrees out to thaw and cook those over the weekend.

I did a Thursday evening flex-time session, and arrived right around 4:45. There was only one other customer there, and it stayed that way for much of my visit. I really enjoyed that, as I was able to breeze to/from the stations without waiting for anyone to finish until the last station.

I stopped at Costco quickly on my way home, as we needed Milk-Bones for Generalissimo Geno and Empress Cobaka (Geno thinks they're the greatest, so we like to keep a nice stockpile), and we needed a few other things.

I was still home by about 7 PM, which wasn't bad, considering that Costco ALWAYS has incredibly long lines.


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