Dream Dinners Review - Chipotle Chicken over Saucy Egg Noodles

I had a photo of the Chipotle Chicken over Saucy Egg Noodles, but apparently deleted it or something. :(

We had the Chipotle Chicken over Saucy Egg Noodles for dinner one day last week. My week was crazy, so I think it was on Tuesday. It was very easy to prepare--brought water to a boil, cooked the egg noodles, browned the chicken in a skillet, then added the sauce, and dinner was ready!

The sauce was sweeter than what we both expected, and it was good, although I wasn't quite sure if I should cover the noodles in sauce, mix everything together, or what! The sauce was flavorful, and the meal was enjoyable, although, as Mac phrased it, we'd order it again, depending on what is on the menu, but it's not in the Top Ten Meals.

Mac is eating the last of the leftovers for lunch today. I had my portion for lunch one day last week, and Mac had one of his portions on Thursday. We cut the chicken into pieces, so neither one of us needed to take a knife, and for his portion on Thursday, I used the mini crock pot container, so it was easier for him to heat.


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