Dream Dinners Review--Buffalo Chicken Cavatappi Pasta

I prepared the Buffalo Chicken Cavatappi Pasta from the May Dream Dinners menu recently, and yet again, it was a very easy to prepare meal. Boil water, heat the sauce in a sauce pan, add the chicken to cook while cooking the pasta, and then mix it all together. They suggest using one pan, but I opted for two. I also I served it with crescent rolls, so we had a bit of bread to sop up extra sauce.

It was a very unique twist on pasta and chicken, and definitely a welcome twist. It had a nice, mild buffalo flavor, along with a nice balance with the cheese. Because of the buffalo and cheese flavor, it was very unique and enjoyable. I would definitely order this again. The sauce was the perfect quantity, which was nice.

Time from start of cooking to dishing drying was less than an hour, which is always a plus for me!


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