Dream Dinners Review - Glazed Turkey Medallions with Garlic Asparagus Spears

I did remember the photo of this meal! I prepared the Dream Dinners Glazed Turkey Medallions with Garlic Asparagus Spears last week, while Mac was out cutting the grass. First, I should mention that I was extremely impressed with Empress Cobaka and Generalissimo Geno that night! I told Mac when dinner would be ready in about 10 minutes, but once it was ready, he still wasn't inside yet. Dinner was on the table, plated, and ready to eat, and I had to head back outside to let him know. I was a bit afraid that one of the dogs (most likely Cobaka) would decide that the dinner on the table was for her, not us. Surprisingly, neither one of them tried it!

For some reason, when I ordered it, I had visions of Dream Dinners employees wrapping each medallion with bacon, since this was a Fast Lane meal. I don't know why I didn't think that the medallions would come from their supplier already wrapped with bacon, but I didn't consider that.

Preparing the meal was a bit odd. I broiled the asparagus, and the medallions, following the directions to broil both sides of the medallions. Our broiler allows you to select the temperature you want to use, and with no direction there, I opted for the highest temperature setting. After broiling both sides, I topped it with a bit of the glaze and baked it for a bit. Once it was ready, I topped it with more glaze and served it with red-skin potatoes and green beans in rosemary butter. I didn't care for the potatoes and green beans, but the medallions were good. They weren't knock your socks off amazing, but they were very enjoyable, and definitely different than most of what we eat. As usual, Mac loved the asparagus. Bacon is always an enjoyable addition to meals as well!

Cleanup was a bit difficult, because the glaze was sticky, so in the future, I'd line the cookie sheet with foil before broiling.

Dream Dinners - Glazed Turkey Medallions with Garlic Asparagus Spears


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