Spring Has Sprung Luncheon

On Saturday, my Eastern Star chapter hosted a Spring Has Sprung luncheon and fundraiser. We had several different soups, including my veggie chili and my beef chili, along with sandwiches, and many desserts. I had one empty seat at my table, but no worries. We had several vendors set up upstairs, and then at 2 PM had a live auction. The vendors ranged from Pampered Chef to Perfectly Posh to Scentsy to Tastefully Simple. Rather than charge the vendors a fee, we asked that each one donate an item for the auction.

The auction was a ton of fun, with many items going for silly prices, both higher and lower than one would expect. Mac bought a new CD player for the basement for $7, while I purchased a few things for $1 or $2. Other items went for far more than I'd have spent, but then again, I was trying to be frugal. Amber ended up with a few things simply because she wasn't going to let them be unsold.

Tiff booked a Perfectly Posh party for May, so I'm excited about that.

It was a fun event, and I'm hoping we do it again next year.


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