If Only I Could Be the Person My Dogs Think I Am

I headed to work this morning, and realized that I'd forgotten to stick the check for our oil delivery outside. So, I headed back home, and when I walked inside, found Geno sprawled out on the couch, ready to nap. Yet, even though I'd disrupted his routine, he greeted me like I'd been gone for days. When he sees me after I've been gone, his eyes radiate love. I'm convinced that he sees me as someone who deserves respect, love, admiration, and someone who always takes care of his needs--someone who never does anything wrong, someone who is always there, and someone who gives freely of herself.

If only I could be what he sees in me, all of the time. Recently, I realized that I was expending a lot of time and energy into a volunteer position, not because I believed in their mission, but because I believed it could lead to better things for me. I believe in their mission, I honestly do. However, I let my ambitions cloud my reasons for volunteering, and that's wrong. That's not being who Geno thinks I am. Granted, it's being human, but that doesn't mean that it's right.

So, going forward, I'm scaling back my involvement, to a more reasonable level, and will only do things because I believe in the mission, not because I want the better things. Maybe, by doing that, I'll become the person my dogs think I am.


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