Dream Dinners Review--Orange Asian Chicken

I prepared the Dream Dinners Orange Asian Chicken recently, and was very pleased with it. I paired it with chicken-flavored rice and Asian medley veggies. Both were good choices, but I probably needed to cook 2 bags of rice, as there was just enough for both of us, not enough for leftovers.

The meal was easy to prepare--I breaded the chicken, and then cooked it on each side, then added the sauce. Dinner was on the table in less than 30 minutes, like most of the Dream Dinners meals!

The chicken had a nice orange taste and smell, but the flavor was more complex than just orange. The sauce was a nice, thick sauce that mixed well with the rice. When I was at Dream Dinners for the second time this month, I picked up another serving of this, as I thought we might enjoy it. I'm glad I did, as it's a nice meal, with my minor change of needing to cook extra rice!

In other news, my Veet Easy Wax House Party was scheduled for Sunday, at Tiff's, but since I have a luncheon on Saturday and we have girls' night on Monday, we're simply combining things. I need Sunday to get stuff accomplished around the house, as I have far too much going on the next few weeks!

My mother is coming to visit next weekend, for the Best Kept Secrets Tour in Lancaster County, so I have to have the house neat and tidy for her... Not enough time!


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