Car Issues and More

Mac and I bought a new car a bit over a week ago. Well, new to us. We'd decided to wait, but then they asked us about price, and we gave them a number with which we could live, and they made a deal with us. We discovered a problem shortly thereafter. It was very difficult to shift into gear. Mac took it to the dealership on Friday, for a few outstanding issues, and mentioned it. They said they fixed it, but by Friday night, we were back in the same situation. On Saturday, we took it back to the dealership, and they are working on it.

While they fix it correctly, I am currently driving around in a 2013 Subaru Outback! It's an automatic, so I'm not a fan of that aspect, but otherwise, it's an interesting vehicle. There's a gauge that's useless, really. It shows fuel-efficiency, and really, should be called "The Reverse Gas Pedal Gauge." Depress the gas pedal, the gauge drops. Release the gas pedal, the gauge skyrockets.

We had a rough weekend. We dealt with the car issue on Saturday, and I had a transport and a home visit as well. Sometime on Sunday morning, we ran out of heating oil. I'd been trying to stretch what little we had left, hoping to avoid filling the tank, but alas, the weather has not been cooperating. If this is global warming, why do I need to run my heat into April??? I'd ordered oil on Friday, but they aren't in our area until Tuesday, so no delivery until then.

I borrowed our neighbor's diesel cans, and hightailed it to a local gas station that sells off-road diesel. Mac and I dumped that into our tank, but the heater would not kick on even after that. We had a vapor lock, which required Mac to bleed the lines. To do that, he had to get the pump to start, but by the time we tried that, it had entered restricted lockdown mode, so it wouldn't keep attempting to start.

Of course, the manual said nothing about how to exit restricted lockdown mode, but a quick search garnered our answer. Mac took care of that, and then bled the lines. Soon enough, the heat kicked on and we were back to a toasty, warm home.

I need a weekend to recover from my weekend!

Stay tuned for reviews of Dream Dinners Golden Pork Chops and Orange Asian Chicken.


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