Dream Dinners Review--Golden Pork Chops

I'm slipping, as not only have I been slacking off in taking photos of meals, but I've not been blogging about them either!

We prepared the Dream Dinners Golden Pork Chops the other week. It was easy to prepare. I rubbed the herb mixture on the pork chops, then cooked them in the skillet, and added the sauce, allowing it to cook. There wasn't a lot of flavor to the sauce or pork chops, but it wasn't bad. I'd have liked extra mushrooms, but there were enough for most people.

The herb mixture didn't seem to cover all of the pork chops adequately, so perhaps that was part of the issue of the pork chops not having a ton of flavor. I might consider marinating the pork chops in the herb mixture for a day, prior to cooking them next time.

Dinner was on the table in less than half an hour, which is always a nice thing!


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