Fix, Freeze, Feast Review--Mariachi Chicken Rolls

On Saturday, I cooked the Mariachi Chicken Rolls from the Fix, Freeze, Feast cookbook. I had to venture into work for a bit, so when I got home, Mac was ready for dinner. I don't know if it was a problem with the chicken or the cheese, or what, but both Mac and I had some tummy issues on Sunday, we think as a result of this meal.

It was easy enough to prepare, except that I couldn't get the chicken to stay rolled, I think due to how large the chicken breasts were. So, I simply topped them with the cheese/salsa mix. I baked it as directed. The cheese/salsa mix resembled a watery soup when we pulled this out of the oven. Mac took the roll portion of the name to mean that there were rolls or tortillas or something with it.

The chicken and sauce was lacking in flavor, as the outside of the chicken had a very mild spicy flavor, but the inside of the chicken was just chicken. Mac and I discussed how to improve this, and we had a few ideas:
  1. Add the chicken and sauce together, before freezing, so that when it thaws, it marinates.
  2. Add taco seasoning or similar.
  3. Cube the chicken, then cook, so more of it is covered in the sauce.

On the lines of cubing the chicken, if I did that, I could probably add some additional veggies (corn, black beans, peppers), and turn this into a decent soup.


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