Dream Dinners--Buffalo Ranch Chicken Review

On Friday, Mac and I were headed to State College to buy a Jeep, or so we thought. We didn't even make it halfway there, when we ended up turning around and heading home. Turns out that the Jeep that was listed on their website as a manual transmission was really an automatic. Grr! So, we're still looking for another vehicle.

I'd taken a half day on Friday, picked up Mac, and headed to State College. We didn't get the more than halfway there before I received confirmation that the Jeep was an automatic. We headed home, and both took a nap for a bit. We've both been so exhausted that a nap was exactly what was needed.

I woke up before Mac, and decided to start dinner. I really wanted to go back to sleep, but figured that as soon as I did, he'd wake up and want dinner. I'd decided to cook the Dream Dinners Buffalo Ranch Chicken. It was easy enough to prepare, although I didn't follow their directions. I didn't want to drag out the Foreman grill, so I simply cooked it in a skillet. I did cook it with the marinade, as I wanted to be sure it had as much flavor as possible. Apparently, when assembling it at Dream Dinners, I failed to follow the directions, and added the Gorgonzola cheese to the marinade, rather than in a separate bag. Oops! I topped it with the glaze, as directed, and it was still amazingly yummy!

It had a nice flavor, but wasn't overpowering or too hot. I think adding the cheese would be a nice touch! Mac and I discussed it, and decided that we'd get it again, depending on what else was on the menu in any given month.


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