Dream Dinners Cookbook Review--Beef Stir-Fry

Tiff prepared the Beef Stir-Fry from the Dream Dinners cookbook, and delivered it on Saturday, while Mac and I were at our Czech cooking class. Since my freezer space is at a premium, and because we're dealing with the car issues, I've been trying to cook things that are quick and easy after work. This seemed to be one of them, and I cooked some rice, followed the instructions for the meat, and soon enough, we were ready to eat dinner. Well, Mac was ready to eat dinner. I had a migraine, and was not in a good mood. He was upset I opted not to eat, but he tried the meal.

Yuck! He ate about 3 or 4 bites, commented that it was incredibly salty, but had no other real flavor, and proceeded to package up all of it, back into the Ziploc bag, and then proceeded to drop it into the garbage can! I used a code for a free Papa John's pizza, and he enjoyed pizza for dinner. I had a slice of pizza, and then proceeded to go to sleep.

Tonight's dinner is the Beef Barley Soup from the Fix, Freeze, Feast cookbook. I figured that with the car issues and the weather, dinner should be something that could be tossed in the crock pot. This way, it's ready whenever we get home.


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