Eastern European Foodies!!!

Mac and I headed out to Ambler, PA for a Czech/Slovak cooking class on Saturday. We both have at least a little Czech or Slovak in our ancestry, and we both are interested in learning how to prepare some of that type of cuisine. He found the cooking class, I took care of registering us, and for $50 total, we both were able to learn to prepare a Czech meal, plus we both were able to sample additional main courses and soups. The meal we learned how to prepare was Svíčková, Polish Dumplings, and Cabbage. Wow, was it amazing! The cabbage was like a cooked, sweet and sour version of sauerkraut, with cranberries! The Svíčková was unbelievable. It was topped with cranberry sauce and whipped cream, and served with dumplings to soak up the gravy. I am trying this for Easter this year! We used beef roast, marinated in veggies and injected with bacon.

As if I wasn't already hungry, as I'm writing this, I'm salivating with the thought of this dish!!!

Mac and I were asked why we were there--if we had a Czech/Slovak heritage, or such, and we explained that we did, but afterwards, Mac said that rather than explaining our heritage, we really should just call ourselves Eastern European Foodies, and be done with it. He's right, since Foodies describes us!

On the car front, as long as he's able to take tomorrow off, it looks like we'll have a new car tomorrow, fingers crossed!


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