Thanksgiving weekend

Mac and I packed up the dogs last Wednesday and headed off to visit my parents for the Thanksgiving holiday. Since I was cooking Thanksgiving dinner, I purchased most of the groceries here, and we hauled those out to their house as well. They picked up a few odds and ends, primarily things that I figured wouldn't travel well.

Mac and I headed out around 4 AM on Thanksgiving to try to snag a TV at Kmart. We didn't make it more than an hour in line, before we found out that they'd run out of vouchers for the TV we wanted. We headed back to my parents' house, and napped. I got up around 8:30 and prepared the stuffing, then got the turkey into the oven around 9 AM, so we could eat around 1 or 1:30 PM.

I then mixed everything for green bean casserole and cut the red-skinned potatoes so we could have mashed potatoes. My mother prepared the hash brown casserole, while I prepared a dill dip from a local small business.

Once the potatoes were ready, Mac prepared the mashed potatoes and gravy, while my mother set the table, my father carved the turkey, and I cooked the corn and pulled everything out of the oven.

Dinner was wonderful! We did have lots of leftovers, but then again, I'd rather have leftovers. I'm going to prepare Shepherd's Pie with the leftovers and will freeze it.

I did manage to squeeze in a walk with my rifle in the woods yesterday (saw 5 people, 0 deer), and Mac is out with a friend until Friday. This friend invited himself along hunting this week, when Mac and I had planned to go Monday and Tuesday. I told Mac to go with him on Tuesday, and we'd just go on Monday. This friend inquired as to if I was joining them today, and I told him that no, I wasn't. I explained that I was upset that he invited himself along on our time, with no consideration to my feelings. I'm torn about having done that, because while Mac has been aware of my feelings, I don't want either of them to think I don't want them to spend time together. I just want to have my scheduled time with Mac as just us, rather than three of us. I hope he understands!


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