Dream Dinners Review--Dreamy Bocca Chicken

I finally was able to make Dreamy Bocca Chicken from Dream Dinners! I've been wanting to make this for quite a while. After all, how can one go wrong with something that includes bacon? I thought I'd pulled it out for a meal on November 5, but was confused, and forgot that we'd opted for the Mesa Grilled Pork Roast then. So, last night, I finally prepared the Dreamy Bocca Chicken!!!

I served it with red-skin mashed potatoes and corn. Mac and I both really enjoyed the chicken! I thought Mac and I were going to fight over the leftovers, but I had a buffalo chicken salad that I'd picked up for lunch for today, so he won the leftovers!

I initially sprayed a large pan with non-stick cooking spray, then while standing by the pan, wrapped each chicken breast with a piece of bacon and pinned it, using the toothpicks that were included. I did that so I could immediately place the chicken in the pan. From there, it was smooth sailing, as I browned the chicken on both sides, then added the sauce and allowed it to simmer. While that was cooking, I heated the mashed potatoes and corn, and then served dinner.

Yes, when we have a Dream Dinners meal, we now always sit down at the kitchen table to eat. That way, we don't have the TV on and actually talk. Gasp! We're now talking over dinner, not just watching TV! Yet one more reason to like Dream Dinners!

The chicken was very delicious and enjoyable. Again, how can one go wrong with something that includes bacon? I really liked that the sauce was cooked in the same pan as the chicken, so there was only 1 pan that had to be washed.

There were two very minor issues with the Dreamy Bocca Chicken:
  1. The bacon wasn't quite long enough to wrap around the entire chicken breast in some cases, so I'd have loved 2 pieces of bacon for each chicken breast. Although, we love bacon here, so others may disagree with me there.
  2. There was a spice that was a bit more powerful than others, and stood out, although I couldn't place what it was, probably in part because Tiffany prepared this meal for me while I was preparing her Creamy Chicken Risotto. I'll pay attention next time this is on the menu, and will probably be able to figure it out.

Neither of these was a big issue, as the chicken was extremely delicious. Yes, we will definitely order this again, and had I actually prepared it in October, I'd have ordered extra!


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