Dream Dinners Review--Crispy French Onion Chicken

I'd prepared the Dream Dinners Crispy French Onion Chicken from the Taste of Dream Dinners event while Mac was in Wyoming, and I really enjoyed it. I found it had a nice crunchy outside, with a nice balance of garlic and flavor.

Last night, I'd intended to make chicken pot pie, but due to an eye emergency, I didn't get home until almost 6:30, so we tried the Crispy French Onion Chicken, since it was quicker. Mac enjoyed it quite a bit, and I'll order it again, the next time it's on the menu. We did discuss that it tastes like a recipe from the back of a Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce bottle, and that I can probably make it just as easily at home. That doesn't mean I won't still make it at Dream Dinners, but simply that if I want it in between sessions, I'll probably try to make my own version of it at home.

I think I saw it in the WW community recipe section as well.

I'm going to apologize for the lack of photos for this meal. Less than 10 minutes before we were going to sit down to dinner, I received a call that Bonnie, our foster dog that we'd dropped off the with truck driver on Tuesday night, had broken the retractable leash he was using, and took off in pursuit of a deer. The transport coordinator asked if I could take one of my dogs there to see if perhaps she'd come to us. Mac and I very quickly ate dinner, packaged up the leftovers, and then got dressed to head out into a dark and chilly night. We leashed up the dogs, and piled into the car, figuring we'd end up having to drive the hour to get there, and then hope we'd find her. We made it 15 minutes from the house and received two calls, both stating they'd found her, and she was safe and sound!

When I place my order each month, I typically spend a few minutes and enter the nutritional information into the WW (Weight Watchers) food tracker program, and then when I know what we're going to have each day, I add that as dinner, along with the sides we'll have, and build the rest of my day around that. Since breakfast doesn't usually change much, it typically only affects what I'll have for lunch.

Likewise, if I know I'm having today's dinner leftovers for lunch tomorrow, I'll add that for lunch tomorrow as well.

Perhaps I'll start posting the point values for a serving of each meal, at least for the ones I order, when I post my order for each month.


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