Hotel Palomar Philadelphia

We headed to Philadelphia on Monday afternoon for the Mark Knopfler/Bob Dylan concert. Since we have two dogs, our choices were:
  1. Drive out to Philadelphia and back immediately after the concert, leaving the dogs at home
  2. Board the dogs and stay at a hotel ($50-$75 to board the dogs for the night, plus a hotel room)
  3. Stay at the Hotel Palomar Philadelphia, and since Kimpton gives new meaning to pet-friendly, just pay for our room, no pet deposits.
We opted to stay at the Hotel Palomar. The dogs LOVED it! When we arrived and walked into the lobby, one of the front desk clerks cooed all over both of them, and immediately knew their names. She kept them distracted while I checked into our room, a process that was complicated by a change in credit card, since I'd cancelled the card that I'd initially used to book the room. At check-in, we were given a sign to hang on the door that said, "Caution, pets at play" so everyone knew we had pets in the room.

We were upgraded to a one-bedroom suite with a jacuzzi tub. Shortly after we made it to our room, hotel staff delivered two dog beds and two dog bowls. Both dogs shunned the dog beds, preferring to sprawl out on the floor, sofa, or bed. When our welcome amenity was delivered, Mac and I each received a bottle of water and a chocolate chunk, chocolate iced brownie, while the dogs received two toys and a bag of dog biscuits. They also received a welcome card addressed to, "Empress Cobaka and Generalissimo Geno," since those are their formal names.

The dogs behaved well while we were out of the room, and we brought back a Geno's steak, cheese whiz, no onions, for them to split, in part since we figured Geno needed to try a Geno's steak!

Mac and I relaxed in the jacuzzi for a bit after the concert, and after we'd had a few drinks at the hotel bar. Cobaka decided to join us in the jacuzzi, and then realized that it was filled with water, and clung to me like she was scared of it! There's nothing like trying to relax with a 60 pound dog, claws extended and dug into one leg and shoulder!

They both did really well during the visit, although walking two blocks to a park to do their business didn't sit well with them. Geno did not like the elevators, and would flatten himself to the floor while we were in them. We called them "magic boxes" but by the end of the visit, he was definitely happy to not have to deal with them. When we checked out, one of the front desk managers cooed over them, especially Cobaka, and kept saying how calm she was, and how she wanted to take her home with her. Cobaka, calm???

They both slept for much of the drive home, as I'm guessing the new place and new people were very exciting.

I was very impressed with how thrilled everyone at the hotel was to see them, and how they spoiled them! Our room was wonderful, comfortable, and very nice.

As far as the concert, Mark Knopfler was wonderful, but due to opening for Bob Dylan, didn't have enough time to play all of the songs I'd have liked. During Hill Farmer's Blues, a woman in the row behind us kept blathering on about stupid things, and after about the third time where she chattered on, and then her boyfriend or husband didn't really respond, I finally turned around, looked at her, smiled, and said, "Could you shut up, please?" She was offended, and I'm sure she thought I was very rude. I whispered to Mac afterwards, "Sorry, but at least I said please. I was nicer than I wanted to be."

Dylan was unintelligible. Seeing Jabba the Hut sing the blues would have been more enjoyable, and he'd have been easier to understand.


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