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On Saturday, I monitored a rescue transport, and drove a leg of it. The pups were coming from Dayton and going to New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware. The transport started at 7 AM, so I was raring to go that early, or about as raring to go as I could be without coffee! Mac and I grabbed breakfast, then he headed home, while I headed out to the Women's Expo in Manheim.

I really enjoyed the expo, and picked up a few neat things, including a water bottle that has a removable center section for fruits to flavor the water. I love it, and need to stock up on fruit so I can try it! I did a LOT of walking at the expo, which was good. The walking was good for my knees, because it was flat, stable terrain.

After the expo, I headed home, and Mac and I then drove up to Harrisburg to meet the transport. Passengers were Daisy, a black lab mix who was so scared, she reminded me of Geno, Willow, a silver lab puppy who was SOOO cute, and Winston, a dachshund who thought he was in charge of everything! He spent the trip on my lap, because I didn't trust him to not intimidate Daisy. Daisy, realizing that we could be trusted, and that Winston wouldn't bother her, slept for most of the trip.

From there, we headed to the York Revolution game, and stayed for most of that, before I decided I needed to get some sleep!

When we got home, we found a letter and a little brochure from the current District Attorney in our county. He is running for re-election. The note was addressed to Mac, and said he was sorry he missed him. Apparently, my vote doesn't matter to him, as he wasn't sorry he missed me. As Mac said, he may not have been sorry he missed me, but he will be sorry he missed me. :)

On Sunday, we headed to Subway for our "free" breakfast. We also ordered other items for breakfast there, and spent $8 there that we'd not have spent. The free breakfast included a 3-inch flatbread breakfast sandwich and coffee. Mac poured my coffee, and after pouring about 1/4 a cup of his, realized they were out of coffee. We mentioned it to the employees, and they said they'd get more. They allowed the people behind us in line to get soft drinks, while Mac and I shared a cup of coffee. When we were ready to leave, 30 minutes later, they still didn't have fresh coffee, and tried to say they didn't realize they were out of coffee. Sure... Sadly, it's the Subway closest to our house, so it's been a go-to location, when we want Subway, but perhaps now, we'll start going to a different one.

I ventured up to Costco later on Sunday, to buy the last of the items Amber needed for her Community Action Project. Big Brothers/Big Sisters will be receiving 10 cases of bottled water and lots of candy and treats, in addition to the introductory kits.

For dinner last night, we went to a local pizza buffet. Not healthy, I know, but they have a decent salad bar, so I did have that! I realized, while watching kids who looked like they were 12 or 13, why the transplant center told my mother not to eat at buffets or salad bars after her transplant!!! Oh, the lack of manners--kids grabbing pizza with their bare hands, one child scratching his behind through his athletic shorts and then handling utensils on the buffet, etc. Yuck!!! It's enough to turn one's stomach!!!


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