Memorial Day Weekend, and the new week

I had my May Dream Dinners session on Friday. I attended the flex session, and had finished preparing my 72 servings by the time Amber arrived. I helped her prepare her meals, and then headed out, as I needed to drop off my meals at home, gather any venison I couldn't fit in the freezer, and meet the department secretary before doing a home visit for a family looking to adopt a dog.

The department secretary ended up with three packages of antelope and mule deer, and I ended up having to place a few of my Dream Dinners in the freezer upstairs. I also cleaned out a few packages of freezer burnt steaks and a few packages of Omaha Steaks. We took the Omaha Steaks with us on Saturday, when we headed to visit with my parents.

Saturday morning, we grabbed breakfast, then headed home. I wanted to pack, then leave as soon as the mail was delivered. I was waiting on a check, and didn't want to leave it sitting in the mailbox over the weekend. We didn't leave until 3:30--Mac decided it would be a good time to drain the hot water heater. Grr! Once we got out West, we had a cookout, and the dogs ended up eating steak too. The steaks were lousy, but the dogs enjoyed them! They also split a cheeseburger that fell on the ground when I tried to carry the plate of burgers into the house. The dogs are so not spoiled!

On Sunday, we met friends for breakfast, then ate a light lunch with my parents, before heading to visit Mac's parents. We visited with them on Sunday and Monday, before heading back home. The dogs were exhausted when we got home, and Geno spent all night on our bed with us, like he was so happy to be home!

Dinner tonight is the Dream Dinners Chipotle Chicken over Saucy Egg Noodles, because it was one of the two meals in the upstairs freezer, and I forgot to pull anything out last night!


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