Our weekend

Mac and I spent the weekend in Philadelphia. Well, outside of Philadelphia, technically. We arrived around dinnertime on Friday, and checked in to a very pet-friendly hotel, the Hampton Inn in Downingtown/Exton, PA. It was probably one of the least painful hotel check-ins with the dogs for a few reasons:
  1. It was self-parking, so Mac and the dogs could stay in the car while I checked into the hotel.
  2. No pet fees
  3. No pet agreements to sign
  4. Since it was self-parking, we could park, take the dogs to the room, then get the luggage.
I'd guess our experiences when traveling with the dogs at a hotel with valet parking probably resemble those from people who travel with kids to those locations. You have to pull the dogs out of the car, plus the luggage, and it's never just one or two bags. The dogs share a bag, then Mac and I each generally have a bag each, plus our laptop bags. If we each only end up carrying two bags, plus managing a dog, we're lucky!

So, this was nice. It was a points stay, from a FlyerTalk trade ages ago. The original trade was 40,000 points, but the hotel was 50,000 for the weekend. My trading partner refused my offer to transfer points to him to cover the difference.

At check-in, I simply gave my card for incidentals, and then picked up the keys, before hopping back in the car to head to where we were parking initially. We hopped out of the car, grabbed the kibblers, and made our way to the grass. Both did their thing, and we headed into the hotel. We got them settled in the room, and then made our way back to the car to grab our bags.

Once we were settled, I sent a text to +Jon Palmer, and we decided to meet at a local sports bar, as Mac and I wanted to watch the Penguins game. Jon's suggestion was spot on, and for a "sports bar" they had a really nice menu and beer selection! I enjoyed several Fordham Rams Head IPAs, and a Yards Love Stout. Mac ordered that, forgot that it would, most likely, be on nitro (it was), and didn't care for it. I took one for the team there... Sure... :)

We had a great time with Jon, who was, unfortunately, single for the night. One of these visits, we'll actually get to spend more than a few minutes with his lovely girlfriend!

On Saturday, Mac served me breakfast in bed, from the hotel breakfast buffet, and then we headed to the Oaks gun show. We spent over an hour in line to buy reloading items, and then walked the rest of the show. All told, we walked about 2 miles, which was nice exercise. We made a few other small purchases--an ALICE pack for a friend, a jar of Chinese mustard, a CZ flare gun (no flares), and two I ♥ Guns & Coffee stickers.

After the show, we ventured first to +Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant in Phoenixville to see if one bartender was there. He wasn't, but was scheduled to come in at 4, so we left, and headed for September Farm Cheese, then ventured back to the hotel to take care of the kibblers, before heading back to +Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant.

On Sunday, I took a page from Mac's book, and served him breakfast in bed. We had a relaxing morning, and ventured home, getting in about 12:30. I had rehearsal for Eastern Star, and then Mac and I went to dinner.

It was very nice to have a weekend where we really didn't have set plans. It was far more relaxing than many of our weekends, although I'm still tired! I didn't sleep well, I think because it's not my bed, but I'm hoping a nap or two will help.


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