September Dream Dinners Session

Mac came with me to my Dream Dinners session on Friday. We had other errands to run out that way, so he agreed to join me. We arrived at 9 AM, which was the start time for the flex session. Mac jumped into preparing the Cattleman's Pie, while I prepared the Crispy French Onion Chicken. As we discussed later, we should have swapped meals!

While we were preparing the cooking instructions cards and getting our drawer and freezer space, I was asked if I wanted to try a test recipe. Mac agreed that we should try it, so that was placed on our shelf. I won't spill on that quite yet, as I'll wait until we try it! I love the test recipes, as they are so unexpected, and it really made my day! We'll have that next week, once Mac is back in town.

Preparing the meals was easy, as usual, and the session wasn't very busy, so it was nice. Mac and I could work together to prepare the meals. I love that he'll be working on assembling part of a recipe while I'll be working on another part, or that he'll have the next bag ready to go when I get to that step.

Mac and I tasted the Western Omelets that they now carry in the Finishing Touch Freezer, and really enjoyed those. We picked up a package of them, and will probably cook those, along with a few muffins, for breakfasts on Sundays.

When they packed everything, we needed a bag, in addition to the two coolers we had. Yes, we had that much food! I'd ordered 84 servings, between extras of meals (Cattleman's Pie, Crispy French Onion Chicken, Santa Fe Shredded Pork Burritos) and the 3-servings I'd ordered for this week, plus our Western Omelets, and our test recipe. Finding space in the freezer was also a challenge, although my 3-serving meals were placed directly into the fridge, and I rearranged some things upstairs so that we could fit our test recipe and the Fully Loaded Chicken & Potato Soup with Breadsticks into the freezer upstairs.

My parents are coming to visit this weekend, so I'm going to prepare the Kentucky Pork Chops for dinner on Saturday. I'll talk to Mac once he's settled at home on Sunday and we'll figure out what we're having for next week.

I'm preparing the Chicken Parmesan with Garlic Bread tomorrow for dinner. Tiff will be stopping by for dinner, and to pick up a few things, so I'll have that in the oven once she gets there. I'm interested to see how that is as it's a lighter version of what I usually make.


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