Have you ever had one of those days???

Where it seemed that everything that could go wrong did? That describes my day yesterday. I broke the dryer in multiple ways--I dropped the lint basket behind the dryer, and in trying to retrieve it, pulled the vent tube away from the vent area in the wall, dented the tube, and then in trying to reattach everything, pulled it away from the dryer too.

Then, in sliding the dryer back in place, I broke the dryer door latch.

I then made the mistake of cooking dinner, which was really lousy. So, I cooked something else, and overcooked that dinner.

I opted for bed before I could ruin anything else yesterday.

I guess the positives in all of this are:

  • We've now cleaned out the vent portion of the dryer, which we should do occasionally.
  • I have a reason not to deal with laundry until we get the door latch
  • I ate less than I would've had dinner been wonderful.


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