Balancing Volunteer Hours and Working Hours

I've been volunteering with an organization for years, and have enjoyed it quite a bit, although at times, my volunteer and work activities seem to clash. I've been swamped at work. I've been working overtime and on weekends, and quite frankly, am looking forward to only having two rescue transports, a wine tasting and pig roast, rehearsal for Eastern Star, and lunch with a friend this weekend. I should add that I'm taking Friday off, as I needed to try to squeeze in Dream Dinners at some point and I simply could not find the time in the next week or so to do that without taking Friday off from work!

I'd expressed my schedule to those in charge at the volunteer organization, and had been assured that they understood that work was my first priority. Unfortunately, no one there seems to recognize this, as they keep asking me to do things, and then only after I've completed it and pointed out that I've been swamped, have I received the response of, "Oh, we should have delegated." Yes, you should have delegated. When I volunteer to do something, I volunteer to do that task, not several other related tasks. Part of my annoyance is that someone used the, "I'm not good with it, and neither is this person" as the reason for wanting me to do something. Just because I'm good at it doesn't mean that someone else can't do it instead.


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