Weekend Adventures

We had an adventure packed weekend. I worked a bit late on Friday, so when I got home, I immediately started lunch. We had knishes that we picked up when we were last at Costco. They were very good, although they'd have been better with sauerkraut. I napped after lunch, while Mac cut the grass. I wanted to go to a semi-local BBQ restaurant, but by the time Mac showered and was ready to go, we wouldn't have made it there until after they closed. So, instead, we hit our local Qdoba, and then did a bit of grocery shopping. Mac always teases me about my choices for veggies for dinners, so I left it up to him to select veggies!

On Saturday, we were going to have the Dream Dinners Crispy Salsa Ranch Chicken for dinner, but I had a few mystery shops to do, so we decided to push those until later in the day, and then check out a different BBQ restaurant for dinner. The BBQ restaurant was very good, and their dry rub was incredible, but neither Mac nor I were enamored with their sauces. The ribs were amazing though, and the pulled chicken was delicious.

I had volunteered us for another mystery shop on Sunday, along with a dog transport. We transported a Rottie to her rescue. She was such a sweetie, although she was drugged out on Dramamine, so who knows, once she's coherent, she may be a wild child!

We stopped by Cabela's for a while, and ordered new Keen Newport H2 sandals for Mac. He's needed a new pair, and Cabela's had them on sale, in store only, for a $20 discount. They didn't have them in the size and color combination that he wanted, but they could order them, so that's what we did. We opted for in store pickup, since we're now transporting two Rotties next weekend, and we're hoping they'll make it there in time.

He also found a pair of binoculars that he wanted. He's been saving money to buy them, and they were on sale yesterday. Of course, he's been saving the money in the form of Cabela's gift cards, and he'd tasked me with keeping track of the gift cards, but failed to mention that detail to me. So, the gift cards were at home. The optics employee said that they'd hold a pair for him and will honor the sale price, so we'll pick those up next weekend as well.


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