Vacation Plans--Roll with the Punches or Change the Plans?

I really always try to just roll with the punches and not worry about if plans change. It’s not always easy, but I try. Mac and I have been planning a hunting trip to Wyoming. I’ve not had a real vacation from work in a few years, and I was definitely looking forward to having some time off of work and being disconnected from a computer and cell phone out in the wilds of Wyoming.
Mac and his father go every year, driving out and back, and this year, I was going to fly out and join them, before driving back across the country with Mac. I was doing this to save a bit of vacation time. They were going to take separate vehicles, but follow each other. My parents were going to watch the kibblers, as that would save us the cost of boarding them, and I trust my parents to take good care of them.
Last night, Mac talks to my FIL about the trip, and my FIL says, “Financially, it makes more sense for you to ride out to Wyoming with me, and for Wendy to fly out and back.” As the story continues, Mac finds out that they’ll be hauling my SIL’s bedroom set out to Colorado and dropping it off before heading to Wyoming.
My FIL also suggests that I fly out to Wyoming on a Thursday and return home on that Sunday. Mac explains that it’s a vacation for me, not just a hunting trip, and that I want to do more than spend 2 days hunting. My FIL then suggests that I rent a car and we can do whatever when I’m not hunting.
I’m really torn on what to do. Mac and I had a heated discussion over this last night. I’m so trying not to take it out on Mac, but I’m incredibly annoyed that everyone else is trying to plan things that affect MY vacation with no consideration for what I want to do. No one, not even Mac, has asked me what I want on the vacation.
So, do I shut up and just go along with this latest plan to keep the peace, do I just say screw it, eat the cost of the hunting license and just stay home, or do I say screw it, eat the cost of the license, and then book myself some vacation for some locale where I want to go but where Mac would not want to go, and take separate vacations this year?


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