Dream Dinners Review - Crispy Coconut Chicken with Jasmine Rice

On Saturday, Mac and Seth went to the range for a few hours while I cleaned and cooked dinner. I also had a quick grocery shopping trip so we could enjoy dessert as well. I prepared the Dream Dinners Crispy Coconut Chicken with Jasmine Rice, along with a side of mixed veggies, salad, and apple pie for dessert.

The Crispy Coconut Chicken was extremely easy to prepare, as I simply tossed each piece of chicken into the Ziploc bag with the coconut and panko bread crumbs, shook the bag, and then removed the chicken from the bag. I placed it onto a cookie sheet that I'd covered with aluminum foil and sprayed with non-stick cooking spray. Once I'd added all six pieces of chicken, I topped it with the extra coconut and bread crumbs. I baked it for 15 minutes, while the apple pie was baking, and cooked the rice and veggies.

Mac and I really enjoyed the chicken, and Seth was impressed with it. I'd mentioned the concept of Dream Dinners to Seth and his wife before, so perhaps now that Seth has tried a meal, they'll try it.

The chicken was very tender, and the breading had a nice crunch to it. I was concerned that there would be an overpowering coconut flavor, but there was not. The dipping sauce was very enjoyable. It was similar to a sweet but spicy General Tso's sauce.

I will definitely order a second serving of this the next time it's on the menu. I'd really like to see crab rangoons or cheese wontons (depending on the Chinese restaurant here, they're the same thing) as an option in the Finishing Touch Freezer when Dream Dinners offers Chinese-inspired meals. I'd pick up a few of those as well and would serve them as an appetizer for the meal.


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