Weekend Adventures

We had a fairly crazy weekend. On Saturday, I monitored a rescue transport, which went well. Mac and I went grocery shopping, and tried out a restaurant a bit south of us. It specializes in pit beef, ham, turkey, and pulled pork. It was good, but it was rather expensive. There's another "smokehouse" that's on the way from the vet, and it's about the same distance. We decided that we prefer that one. When we did our grocery shopping, the cashier didn't scan 2 coupons, so I had to visit the customer service desk to receive those.

Today, I monitored the second day of the transport, and drove the next to last leg of it. There were no problems, except on our leg, when one of the three dogs decided she wanted to chew anything--her leash, her harness, another dog's collar or leash, or another dog's leg!

We took Cobaka and Geno to our local dog park this morning. They enjoyed running around, and Cobaka especially enjoyed frolicking with another dog who arrived shortly before we were leaving. They had quite of fun, and we'll probably make this a fairly regular occurrence.

I cooked the Dream Dinners Buffalo Ranch Chicken for lunch today. I picked up a 3 serving when I was there in June, so it was a nice lunch. I also cooked southwest style corn and bacon ranch pasta salad with it. I also seared the pork loin for the BBQ Pork Loin, which is our dinner tonight. I seared it and tossed it in the crock pot with the sauce.

We'll eat shortly since we had a late lunch.


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