Dream Dinners Review - Savannah Grill Chicken With Sweet Potato Fries

Last week was rather crazy for me. I had a few deadlines at work and then I also had to prepare for the Dress for Success Professional Women's Group Success Summit. That was this past weekend, in Miami. We stayed at EPIC - A Kimpton Hotel, and it was amazing!

Due to how crazy my week was going to be, I opted for very quick and easy meals last week for dinner. One of those was the Savannah Grill Chicken with Sweet Potato Fries. Mac is not a fan of sweet potatoes, so I knew the fries might not appeal to him, but I figured we'd try the chicken anyway.

It was very easy to prepare, as I simply cooked the chicken in a skillet, then added the sauce, and baked the fries. I really enjoyed the flavor of the chicken and sauce, and I didn't mind the sweet potato fries. Mac said the fries were edible, although we both found that they were more enjoyable if we added a bit of the sauce to them.

We did discuss that, with side items like that included with the entree, it would be nice if we could have a choice of 2 sides. For instance, while they come with sweet potato fries, it would be nice if we had the option of regular fries in place of the sweet potato fries, or when an entree comes with asparagus, it would be nice to offer people the choice of green beans or some such of an equal or lesser value.

When we boxed up our leftovers, we added fries to each, but still had additional fries, so we saved those in a Ziploc bag and have been using them as dog treats.

I'd definitely order this again when it is on the menu, but if they allowed us to select from regular fries or sweet potato fries, I'd order two of this meal rather than one.


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