The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of the Weekend

This was a crazy weekend for us. I worked late on Friday, as I had a submittal that had to go on Friday, via email. Mac was at the range when I got home, and we ate leftovers and napped quite a bit. I ate California Chicken with Fettuccine leftovers, and I guess I still owe a blog entry about that meal!

On Saturday, we both were up early and headed to the gun show. I was going to drop him off and head in to work, but he said, "Why don't you come with me, and we'll walk around and then leave after that?" So, we both went to the gun show. He found a steal of a deal--a No. 1 Mk. 5 Enfield in gorgeous condition (one of 20,000 ever produced) for $200. That was the good for Saturday.

The bad for Saturday was that as we were leaving, someone flagged us down and told us that we had a flat tire. The left rear tire was flat, and when we started to change it, well, let me clarify... When Mac started to change it, he discovered that one of the lug nuts was a larger size than the others, so our wrench wouldn't work on it. He ended up having to go back into the gun show and ask a friend of ours for his keys, so he could borrow his van's wrench. That worked, and we, OK, he changed the tire, and we were on our way to lunch.

The ugly for Saturday was that other than two couples stopping to ask if we needed help shortly after Mac started to change the tire, only one couple stopped while he was inside. In that case, I think the woman prodded her boyfriend or husband into asking, saying something like, "If it was me, you'd want someone to stop and ask me if I needed help..." I was very disappointed in people on Saturday!

Sunday was a very nice day. I cooked breakfast, then cooked the chicken and prepared the salads for Sunday's Dole Taste of Spain House Party. I prepared a chicken in a wine sauce, with onions and grapes. It wasn't bad, but I won't be rushing out to prepare more of it. I also prepared two salads. One was a Dole Ultimate Caesar salad mix with bell pepper strips, and a choice of several dressings, while the other was a Dole Tender Garden salad mix, with tuna, celery, and a mayo and yogurt dressing, with salt and pepper. I will definitely prepare that salad again, probably on weekends, and we'll serve it on toast.

The House Party was very enjoyable. Tiff prepared macaroni and cheese as a side, and had several different, wonderful desserts. Tiff kept the leftover greens, while Amber took home the leftover chicken and most of the leftover cheesecake.

Today is one of those foggy-headed days, where I'm just so foggy-headed, I'm not quite sure what's going on today! :( I hate this!


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