Dream Dinners Guest Review--St. Louis Smokehouse Ribs & Seasoned Fries

At my last Dream Dinners visit, they were offering a special--one could buy a 3-serving of the St. Louis Smokehouse Ribs, Seasoned Fries, and Caramel Apple Blossoms for $25. They billed it as a father's day special I picked up one of those packages and took it home for my parents. My parents prepared the ribs and the fries a week or so ago, so my father typed up his opinions on the meal, and I'm sharing them here.

The ribs were good (with BBQ sauce).  The fries, not so much.  Had they been plain, they would have been decent french fries.  The seasoning actually detracted from the fries.  I kept waiting for some kind of flavor from the seasoning and there was nothing there.  You're better off buying a bag of seasoned fries from Wal-Mart (Great Value brand) and doing them.


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