Dream Dinners review - Un-stuffed Pork Chops (Test Recipe)

At our last Dream Dinners visit, I was asked if I would be willing to try a test recipe. Basically, they prepare it, following very detailed instructions about measurements and such, and then people take it home, at no cost, and cook it at home, like a normal Dream Dinners meal, and then take a short survey about it afterwards. There is a requirement that you must prepare it within 14 days.

My recipe was Un-stuffed Pork Chops. Looking at the list of test recipes, I'm very excited for some of them, and hope they did well in the test!

For the Un-stuffed Pork Chops, I formed stuffing into 3, tightly pressed sections, and placed it on a greased baking sheet. I then melted butter (provided) in a skillet, and cooked the pork chops for 2 minutes on each side, then placed them on top of the stuffing. I then placed that in a pre-heated oven, cooked it for 12 minutes, and heated a mushroom sauce in the skillet.

The mushroom sauce was to be heated until it started to thicken, but mine went from very liquidy to no liquid in no time, so we had primarily just mushrooms. :)

Prep time was minimal, less than 15 minutes, other than waiting for the oven to preheat. As far as the flavor, the pork chops and mushroom sauce were nice. The stuffing was too heavily flavored, and I'd prefer the stuffing with less seasonings, but the same, or more garlic flavor. I was a bit annoyed that I had to use a skillet and a baking sheet, and would probably have preferred to heat the stuffing in a pan on the stove, and cooked the pork chops in the mushroom sauce, rather than baking them on top of the stuffing.

I'd order it if it appeared on the menu, depending on the other items on the menu, but would probably omit a lot of the seasonings when preparing the stuffing.

Un-stuffed Pork Chops (Test Recipe)


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