Dream Dinners Review--Turkey Scaloppini with Capers

I prepared the Dream Dinners Turkey Scaloppini with Capers for dinner last night. It was very easy to prepare, as I simply heated olive oil in a skillet, browned both sides of the turkey cutlets, and then added the sauce, brought it to a boil, and then allowed it to simmer for a few minutes. It was another meal that was prepared in 20-30 minutes, which I love!

It had an interesting taste, but the flavor was easily brushed off of the turkey, as it didn't penetrate and soak through the entire cutlet. I served it with broccoli with cheese sauce, in part because it was the only veggie I could find in our freezer! I've not gone grocery shopping in quite a while, and it is starting to become obvious that I should take care of that soon!

Mac and I agreed that the next time this appears on the menu, I'll order it again. However, I'm pondering preparing a second bag of the sauce, minus the butter, so that once it thaws, I can marinate the turkey cutlets in it, hoping that the flavor will penetrate through the entire cutlet.

Turkey Scaloppini with Broccoli with Cheese Sauce


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