Dream Dinners Review - Chicken Enchiladas

I prepared the Dream Dinners Chicken Enchiladas recently. It's another one of their options that is stored in a foil pan and baked in the pan. I love those, because it minimizes the number of dishes we have after dinner!

Mac got the meal started, as he came home from work early, while I stayed late. He simply opened the 2 gallon Ziploc bag, removed the pan, removed the cooking instructions, and the cheese and salsa, and baked per the cooking instructions.

I got home a few minutes before we were to add the salsa and cheese, so he allowed me to do that. From there, we allowed it to bake another 10 minutes, and then we enjoyed our dinner.

The enchiladas were good and had a very enjoyable taste. However, my only problem with them was that the sour cream salsa was chunky and pink in color, reminding me of, well, unappetizing things. I found it difficult to eat, because my mind kept wandering to that. I'd have preferred either a salsa only sauce or perhaps a spicy ranch sauce that was still white, but with a nice kick of pepper and spice. Judge for yourself with the photo below, but while I'd get these again, I'd probably top it with salsa verde and add my our sour cream or ranch.

Chicken Enchiladas

I'd order this again, but definitely wouldn't opt for the salsa topping!


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