Dream Dinners Review--White Chicken Lasagna

I've neglected updating this for a while! Oops! I'll have several posts today I guess. I prepared the White Chicken Lasagna from Dream Dinners last week, and was so rushed by everything, I failed to even take photos of it! The past few weeks have been so crazy, I can't even remember which day it was that I prepared this!

The lasagna was enjoyable, but was rather bland. It needed something to spice it up, be it additional veggies or additional seasonings. It was also fairly liquidy. I did add a bit of extra cheese, but just a touch, at the end of the baking cycle.

I'd suggest adding some crushed red pepper, or perhaps some sliced or diced peppers to this recipe, and scaling back on the amount of liquid used.

Mac is finishing the last of this for lunch today.


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