Color Me Rad--post race

My sister and I participated in the Color Me Rad 5K in Pittsburgh last weekend, even though I was still fighting a sinus infection (which has now progressed into a sinus infection with an ear infection).
Traffic was horrible, both getting there and leaving, as the fairgrounds and township police were completely unprepared for the number of people. I think I heard something about 8,000 participants.

The course was challenging for those of us who aren't in top shape and especially those of us who have knee issues. However, it was gratifying to participate, and was tons of fun! There were a lot of runners who were encouraging others to keep going, and it was a great excuse to get covered in color.

We wore white t-shirts, and they're covered in colors--pink, purple, yellow, green, blue, and red/orange. It took 2 showers to remove most of the color from my arms, neck, and hair, although even after that, I had a lot of green and blue on my back, since it's tough to really scrub your own back. My unmentionables were covered in color as well, which was rather funny.

I would definitely participate again, and have told Mac that we need to start walking and getting more into shape so next year, it's not as much of a challenge.

After the race, we stopped at Sheetz for lunch, and then headed back to my parents' house for showers and naps.

My father and I joined a few FlyerTalkers at the Sharp Edge Bistro 922 Penn for dinner and drinks that evening. We all had a blast, discussing travel, work, and all sorts of different topics. We also were able to try some new beers. In order, I tried:
  • Erie Brewing Company Derailed Black Cherry Ale
  • Full Pint Brewing Company Chinookie IPA
  • 21st Amendment Brewery Brew Free or Die IPA
My thoughts on them:

Derailed--When I ordered it, I wasn't aware that it was a black cherry ale. That said, for being a "fruity" beer, it wasn't bad. I enjoyed it, and while I wouldn't rush out to buy it, I'd consider drinking it again.

Brew Free of Die IPA--It's served in a can, and has an odd taste, almost like a pineapple and malt mix. It definitely lacked the hops I expect in an IPA, and because I love hoppy, hoppy beers, I can't say that I'd drink this again. It just wasn't anything special.

Chinookie IPA--Wow, I really enjoyed this! I enjoyed it enough to stop at Giant Eagle on our way out of town and pick up a 6 pack of it! I really enjoyed it, even before my father pointed out that it's a local to Pittsburgh brew, produced in North Versailles. It was very hoppy and flavorful, and had an enjoyable aftertaste.


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