Dream Dinners Review--Chicago-Style Chicken (Chicken Vesuvio)

Last night's dinner was "Chicago-Style Chicken with Red-Skin Potatoes, aka Chicken Vesuvio. Mac was so unimpressed with it that not only am I not to make it the next time it appears on the menu, but it's my lunch for the rest of the week, not his. He'd rather eat the Rigatoni, Sausage, and Kale from Eat Now, Eat Later, than this Dream Dinner, which says quite a bit!

The potatoes definitely needed salt. Otherwise, they had no flavor. The chicken would have benefited from being marinated in the sauce and garlic for a day or two before baking, rather than just topping with the sauce, as it lacked much flavor. The only way the chicken had any flavor was really if one ate a baked clove of garlic with each bite of chicken.

It didn't even look that appealing, as shown below.

Chicago-Style Chicken with Red Skin Potatoes
It was definitely disappointing. Oh, and yes, the horror!!! We had red skin potatoes and broccoli with rotini as sides, in addition to the Light Caesar Salad.


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