Mauser: I Am, Therefore I Am

Mauser joined our family at the age of 10, after being found tied to a fence at the corner of Jackson and Grand Streets in Manhattan. At New York Animal Care and Control, he developed kennel cough, and he was scheduled to be euthanized. A volunteer described him as “He is a little opinionated, like barking back when I put him back in his kennel. His upset is short lived though and soon enough, he is kissing me through the bars…Or, when I first pointed my camera at him, he protested than got used to it. He is like my old grandpa but a spunky version of him.”

An urgent plea on Facebook found its way to us, and an hour before he was to be killed, we reserved him. His adoption built and strengthened friendships and bonds, before he even left the shelter. He came home from Manhattan on September 20, 2014, and immediately found his place in our pack. He lived his life with us showing his spunky side.

Once he felt better, his spunkiness really manifested itself, as did his love of food. Too short to jump onto the kitchen table, he pushed a chair out, jumped onto it, and then jumped onto the kitchen table to eat the treats resting there. Were it not for knocking an empty can from the table, he’d have devoured the entire bag without being caught. At Christmas, he was disappointed he didn’t have a place at the table, and when a seat opened, he quickly claimed it, and sat at the table, waiting patiently for his dinner to be served.

Mauser was a goofball: always a goofy smile, usually acting silly, and always looking for treats. He would occasionally pull treats down from counters, and once knocked a pizza box off of the stovetop, chewing through the cardboard bottom to try to reach the pizza. He also tried to save a pizza box from its demise in the garbage, trying to remove it from behind the garbage can, and pushing chairs out of the way as he attempted to retrieve it. The pizza box was one of the few things he managed to retrieve, as he never quite mastered catching treats gently tossed into the air in his direction.

Not a student of philosophy, Mauser did not believe the Rene Descartes proposition of, “I think, therefore I am.” Rather, Mauser lived his life on the philosophy of, “I am, therefore I am.”
A city boy for much of his life, he quickly learned to enjoy long walks in the woods and exploring all of the new sounds and smells of country life. He also enjoyed that many of the nearby dogs were friendly, and he was eager to visit them, at his house or theirs. He never met a dog he didn't like, and even when his arthritis was flaring up, he would take off with his stiff, not-quite fast gait to go greet a dog.

Mauser found a love for snuggling and nuzzling with us. He nuzzled and rubbed his face against blankets and pillows, and rearranged blankets so they were just perfect for his comfort, making little sighs of contentment. He snuggled with his family as often as he could, and protested when he wasn’t included in every activity. One for always talking, he sent a message from the Rainbow Bridge: a single turkey feather, on the same ground where the city boy learned to love the country life and the woods.


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