#52Snapshots (of Life)

Since I'm trying new things this year, I figured I'd participate in the 52 Snapshots of Life project at The Lazy Pit Bull. Every week has a different theme, and you post a photo of that week's theme. This week's theme is "new."

My photo for this week isn't a "new" photo, but since Mauser is "new" in our lives, I figured this is his chance to shine! The photo is his "adoption" photo--we'd just walked him outside of the NY AC&C Manhattan shelter.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this photo! This is such a sweet and important moment for Mauser, and for you. Thanks for adopting him and giving him a new life!

  2. I also posted old photos of when my dogs were new- those were special times! And an adoption day is a particularly wonderful new time; it's not often love at first sight is captured in a photo!

  3. Thanks! Adopting him was a special time for us.

  4. SO very nice to "meet" you and Mauser! Thanks for participating in the photo challenge with us! :)


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