It's the Little Things

I've realized that while everyone tells you not to sweat the small stuff, at least in my case, it should be, "Don't sweat the bad, small stuff. Embrace the good, small stuff." When Mac and I got married, I knew he'd never send me a dozen roses for every year we were married, or sweep me away for a spur of the moment romantic getaway. That's just not his thing, and being realistic, it's not really my thing either. Roses die, and at least now, with the dogs, spur of the moment is taking them to the dog park on a Saturday after breakfast, rather than heading back home!

I'm fine with that. As Mac's said, we're probably two of the most boring people. We don't like drama, we try to avoid drama, and we're content to have quiet nights at home quite often. It's also the little things that make me appreciate him more and more every day.

We were having leftovers for dinner last night, and I told Mac that I'd get dinner started once I got home last night. He got home quite a bit before me, and when I walked into the house, I found dinner in the oven! It was so nice to come home and find that I didn't have to do anything for dinner! I tackled the dishes after dinner, but it was very nice to not have to worry about it!

It's those little things that keep me so happy!


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