I Quit!

I quit! I’m done being a responsible adult! No, not really, but some days, I wish I could!

Some days, I think I should just stay home, curled up in bed with the dogs. Mac and I did a bunch of landscaping over the long weekend. Well, really, we ripped up everything in the flower beds, turned over the soil, and then mulched like crazy. All’s wonderful, except that somehow, I ended up with poison ivy on my right arm. I’m not happy! My arm itches like crazy!

I had a follow-up with the rheumatologist yesterday, and we’re trying meds to help me deal with the pain, hoping that perhaps I can get more sleep, etc. While there, I mentioned the poison ivy, and he sent a prescription for some steroidal anti-itch cream, in addition to the pain meds. He sent those in around 4. When I stopped at the pharmacy at 8 PM, they still weren’t ready.

Mac was with me, and well, let’s just leave it as we fought the entire way home… I was uncomfortable and unhappy, and he didn’t help matters by not stopping for ice cream, even though he knew I wanted ice cream. 

My arm is still very itchy, and I’m craving being able to go home, after a stop at the post office, and slather this anti-itch stuff onto my arm. Really, it looks like some of the blisters are close to popping, so that’s a good sign. When they pop, they can start healing.

Did I mention that I haven’t been sleeping well because my arm itches so much? Sleep would be amazing! I fell asleep last night during the baseball game, and woke up when Mac came upstairs to head to bed.

In other news, fingers crossed, I sent him a listing for a house I think we might both agree on which is on the right side of Gettysburg. I’d love to live in Gettysburg, but the issues of driving through downtown during the summer aren’t worth it. This house is on the right side of Gettysburg for us, so I’m hoping that maybe, just maybe, he’ll at least want to look at it. I’m not thrilled with how far the garage sits out in front of the house/how big the garage looks compared to the house, but I can probably compromise on that. It has granite countertops, a breakfast bar, and the kitchen looks huge!


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