Chick-fil-A Thrive Farmer Direct Coffee Review

Mac and I are frequent visitors to Chick-fil-A on the weekends. I won't get into political views, because that's usually not what my blog discusses. We enjoy it because their breakfast is decent, it's inexpensive, we don't feel rushed, as there's not a server looking to turn over our table for another tip, and we can sit and catch up after what can amount to some pretty crazy weeks.

I also occasionally stop in for a quick breakfast to go during the week. It's not the healthiest, but I can usually make the points work, and I never wait long. So, some of the regular morning employees know us, and know our orders, or they try to guess our orders.

I stopped by on Wednesday morning for breakfast, and the employee working guessed at my order when she saw my car pull into a parking space. She included coffee, but since I'm currently tasting various Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. coffees, I've been ensuring that I bring coffee with me to work, so I can really experience the Grounds & Hounds coffee!

While there, she mentioned that Chick-fil-A, as of July 21, switched to a new coffee. I'd found their old coffee tolerable, but nothing great, so I'd normally order Diet Coke on our Saturday breakfasts. I'd still order coffee on weekday mornings, in part because I could drink it quickly and then indulge in some of the high test brew we have at work.

When I stopped in today for breakfast, she again mentioned the coffee, and insisted that she give me a free cup to sample. When I walked into work, I joked about having a drinking problem, because I walked in carrying two coffee cups! I drank the new Thrive Farmer Direct Coffee first, as I'd already enjoyed one cup of Grounds & Hounds coffee before leaving the house.

The Thrive Farmer Direct coffee was more on par with a Dunkin Donuts or a Starbucks Blonde Roast, but it was decent fast food coffee. It was better than what you'd find at convenience stores, and I preferred it to McDonald's coffee. It was pretty smooth, with a decent amount of flavor.

I wouldn't order it all of the time, but in the winter, I'd switch back to ordering coffee there again.


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